Lubya bzeit{لوبياء بالزيت} Green bean stew


This Lebanese summer dish can be enjoyed year round and is an excellent vegan/ vegetarian dish the whole family will enjoy.  With just a few simple ingredients you have a dish on your hands that’s healthy and packed with flavor. Traditionally, lubya bzeit Continue reading “Lubya bzeit{لوبياء بالزيت} Green bean stew”


Lebanese Oven Roasted Chicken {فروج مشوي}


Roasted whole chicken can seem like a daunting task to many. Growing up we use to love to watch chicken roasting on spits in Lebanese restaurants. Of course we love eating it even more.  Unwrapping a farouj mishwe (roasted chicken) from the crispy grasp of a markook bread Continue reading “Lebanese Oven Roasted Chicken {فروج مشوي}”

Hindbeh /Dandelion {الهندباء}

Hindbeh (dandelion) is a dish made with sauteed dandelion greens topped with caramelized onions.  This might not sound too appealing to westerners Continue reading “Hindbeh /Dandelion {الهندباء}”

Fava beans and Rice {رز بفول}

On the vegetarian recipe list – this is one dish we find is often forgotten. We have made fava beans and rice Continue reading “Fava beans and Rice {رز بفول}”

Lebanese rice with vermicelli {رز لبناني}


The Lebanese foods-cape is covered with stews accompanied by a side of rice.  Lebanese rice is very simple unlike other popular spice infused rice dishes coming out of the middle east. The main flavour in Lebanese rice is brought on by the toasted vermicelli noodles.

While our way of making rice is rather plain, it’s riddled with childhood memories Continue reading “Lebanese rice with vermicelli {رز لبناني}”