Kamounit Banadoura {كمونة بندورة}


If you’re looking for the perfect vegetarian cold dish to add to your meal plans this Summer than look no further than Kamounet Banadoura. The main flavour Continue reading “Kamounit Banadoura {كمونة بندورة}”


Styled Eid Dinner Tablescape

0010 eid table setting - eid and ramadan dinner_the tabouli bowl_WEB.jpg

Ramadan and Eid is all about spirituality and gatherings. Food is also a pretty important centerpiece in the month of Ramadan whether we are cooking, eating, or sharing it. Most of it happens at the dinner table, and we wanted to create some table setting inspo to make your gatherings a little more fresh.
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Sayadiye {الصيادية}

Want to cook a platter to impress? Working on increasing your fish intake? Want to whip up a quick and healthy family meal in no time? Sayadiye (Rice & Fish platter) is your answer! It has such minimal ingredients, yet turns out a pretty, healthy and delicious dish for the whole family to enjoy – Continue reading “Sayadiye {الصيادية}”

kibbe with yogurt {كبة باللبن}


If there ever was a comfort food that was perfectly balanced, healthy and delicious – would you want the recipe? Today we’re bringing you this kibbe with yogurt recipe that fits the bill! This dish is the perfect balance of tart and savoury that combines Continue reading “kibbe with yogurt {كبة باللبن}”

Lebanese Spinach Pies { فطائر السبانخ}

14 spinach pies -lebanese recipes by the tabouli bowl.jpg

Lebanese spinach pies or fatayir bi sbenigh (sabanigh, sabanegh) as they are commonly referred to in the Middle East, are best described as mini dough pies stuffed with a savoury, tart stuffing. The dough is rolled out Continue reading “Lebanese Spinach Pies { فطائر السبانخ}”

Kaik with kashta or Smeedeh {كعك و قشطة}


This crumbly cream dessert is a play on the Maamoul Med with Kashta {معمول مد بالقشطة}This dessert, which is knowen in our home by the name smeedeh, is  near and dear to our mama and is entrenched in her childhood memories. As a little girl Continue reading “Kaik with kashta or Smeedeh {كعك و قشطة}”

Lebanese Chicken broth {مرق الدجاج}



Chicken broth is an essential component to many Lebanese dishes.  Making it at home will result in a flavorful hearty broth full of vitamins and minerals and free of additives or excess salt.  Continue reading “Lebanese Chicken broth {مرق الدجاج}”

Chocolate Tahini cake { كيك الشوكولاته و طحينة}


Who does’t love a decadent chocolate cake? How about a chocolate cake made with tahini and sprinkled with halewa (halva)and pistachios? This recipe may sound fancy Continue reading “Chocolate Tahini cake { كيك الشوكولاته و طحينة}”

Chicken & Corn Soup {شوربة دجاج و ذرة}

lebanese chicken soup with corn

Chicken and corn soup was a staple soup in our home growing up, and one that is particularly popular in the cold winter months and those long days of fasting in Ramadan. This soup is high up there on our very long list of nostalgic foods that make us feel like we’re all back at home eating mom’s delicious cooking! Continue reading “Chicken & Corn Soup {شوربة دجاج و ذرة}”

Lebanese Lemonade {ليموناضة}

1 exotic arabian aldo.jpg

Is there anything more refreshing than a freshly squeezed lemonade on a hot summer day? Our Lebanese lemonade is easy to make, with a fresh minty twist, of course! We also add an ingredient you wouldn’t encounter in a ‘regular’ lemonade, and that’s orange blossom water. This adds floral notes that pair so well with the tart lemons, and sweetness of the orange that we add. The mint leaves delightful notes reminiscent of summer days on the Lebanese beach as children. We have fond childhood memories of helping our mom in the kitchen, hand squeezing the citrus fruits. If you want to add one more level to this drink, try swapping the flat water for sparkling!

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