Kibbe bil soniye

kibbe bel soniyeh - lebanese dinner dish - kebab - meat with bulgur wheat casserole - the tabouli bowl
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Chicken escalope { اسكالوب الدجاج}


If you ask any of us what recipe reminds us the most of our late maternal grand mother (Sitto) we would simultaneously say, “chicken escalope”.  It is often not until you Continue reading “Chicken escalope { اسكالوب الدجاج}”

Lebanese rice pudding {رز بالحليب }


Rice pudding has been a favorite pudding of mine ever since I had my first taste as a child. Rice pudding is an international pudding but differs from region to region. The Lebanese pudding Continue reading “Lebanese rice pudding {رز بالحليب }”


Beef Escalope {اسكالوب لحم}


This recipe is a near and dear one because it was adapted by our late maternal grandmother. Though she had a liking more Continue reading “Beef Escalope {اسكالوب لحم}”


Chickpeas and Bulgur {بقلة حمص }

bulger and hummus

We love Lebanese dishes that are nutritious and time friendly. With busy schedules and family activities we rely on these types of recipes to get us through the week. Continue reading “Chickpeas and Bulgur {بقلة حمص }”


Cucumber Mint Yogurt


Cucumber Mint Yogurt captures the freshness of summer so simply it’s perfection. This yogurt marries nicely with many Lebanese dishes or can be savored as an afternoon snack for both adults and kids alike.

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Lebanese Inspired Dinner for Two: Valentine’s Day

Most Lebanese recipes are made to feed a full family, so we’ve tweaked some of our favourite recipes to create a dinner for two menu. Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and we think a romantic, candle-lit dinner for two beats dinner reservations any day.

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Arabesque Mini Lebanese Sfouf Cakes

Our all time favourite pattern is the Arabic zellige – when we saw this mould from With A Spin, we knew it would be a perfect pairing with a traditional Lebanese dessert.

Sfouf is a tumeric flavoured sweet cake, Continue reading “Arabesque Mini Lebanese Sfouf Cakes”


Namoora {نمورة}


Namoura cake is one of the easier, simpler, less time consuming Lebanese dessert recipes. With very few ingredients and short prep time, this is one of the desserts you make when crave something sweet but your time is tight. This egg-less cake is sweetened with Atyr syrup warm from the oven. Continue reading “Namoora {نمورة}”


Batata Harra {بطاطا حرة}


Batata harra, Lebanese style, is a spiced potatoes dish often served as a side.  Over time we started to make this dish more family friendly by omitting the cayenne pepper.  Batta harra takes your average potato dish and gives it a new level of flavor and freshness. Continue reading “Batata Harra {بطاطا حرة}”