Lets talk Health & Nutrition!

Welcome to all our readers!

Heba has always hoped to start a health and nutrition blog, where she can share the knowledge she’s acquired throughout the course of her education for the benefit of those around her! When we decided to start up this sister blog, it went without saying to include a health and nutrition section because not only is it all of our passion to live healthy nutritious lives, but also because we can provide qualified and trustworthy information and advice.

If were going to make our readers health and nutrition experts, then we should start with the basics and work our way up! You’ll be health-guru’s before you know it!

First and foremost, health encompasses everything from nutrition (our food choices) and physical health to our spiritual and mental health. Simple enough… or is it? Well, why don’t you be the judge of that as you continue to visit us here!

What we really want is for our readers to come away with a good foundational understanding of what health and nutrition is all about, and so we’ve decided to blog about a series of basic nutrition topics that can be found in ‘The Basics’ section. This section will discuss the topics that make up the most important components to maintaining good health (like we said before, nutrition, physical and mental health). Since food is always a hot topic, we’ll start off with a few posts about just that!

Some topics that may be blogged about in the future include:

-Calculating Caloric Needs
-Healthy Body Composition
-Body Shapes and Health Risks
-Strength vs. Cardio

We are always looking for ideas so please comment below if you have any future blog post requests!


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