DIY Matching Bathroom Set: Robin’s Nest Inspired

I’ve always wanted apothecary jars to put in my bathroom, I love the shape and height of them. I don’t yet have my dream bathroom so they’ll have to wait. In the mean while I’ve been shopping around for something similar and smaller and all couldn’t find anything I liked so I thought I’d just do it myself. You want something done, you do it yourself, right? I got some plain jars and a small plain vase (as the toothbrush holder) and set out to make them look like a set. It took less time than trying to find what I want, and is cost-effective as well. Here’s what you’ll need: plain old jars, a plain old vase, glitter, modpodge, sponge brush, glue gun and jute twine. What I like about these jars is that the tops are kinda sorta apothecary like, with the rounded knob. Also they are a good size and they’re not as thin as some jars which makes them less likely to chip & crack. Cut the twine down to size, I made mine 2.25M but they can be less or more depending on the look you’re going for. I measured out and cut them before I started gluing them down. Put a dot of hot glue to secure the twine at the base of the jar and then wrap half way, add another dot and wrap all the way and add another dot just above the original starting point. This will secure the twine at the base so it won’t move. I did this for 3 wrap arounds and then I just proceeded to wrap the twine up without glue until the last two wraps, I added glue at the beginning, middle and end again. At the end I put a copious amount of glue to secure the twine and then I tied a little bow and covered up the ending point with it.Isn’t that cute? I just repeated the same steps for the next three jars. Now, onto the glitter portion of this project! Apply the modpodge (I used Matte) with the sponge brush on the inside of the jar lid Now just dump glitter and swirl it around to coat all the modpodge, and do this for all the lids oh so pretty! I love love love glitter 🙂 The finished tops look like this, the effect is awesome! It’s not too much blue, just enough. For the toothbrush holder vase, I chose to glitter the base and wrap from the middle, up with the twine. Apply the modpoge on the base, and it doesn’t have to be a straight line, because we’ll cover it up with the twine later. Use a paper to catch the glitter that falls while as you cover the modpodge, and then let it dry. Mine took about an hour and in order to make sure they were secure I gave it a little spray with adhesive spray. Because they’re going in the bathroom I need to make sure that they stick. Same method, but this time you have to apply glue almost the whole way around the vase, because of the shape of this one, but if it were a straight cylinder you wouldn’t need to. At the end, I applied the bow at my starting point because that was messier than the end quite frankly. and ta-da! I sprayed the inside of the jar lids with adhesive as well, I didn’t want glitter falling in the contents of the jars. Once they’re dry, fill ’em up! I went with cotton swabs, cotton pads, bobby pins and band-aids with some antibiotic cream.

This project cost less than $10 to do, and I’d say it turned out great and you couldn’t tell that I didn’t buy them in a set. Also they go perfectly with the rest of the bathroom decor 🙂

Have a good day!


Robin Nest Photo:


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