How to: Preserve Bananas & Strawberries

Tip: When they’re about to go bad, cut up Bananas into even sized pieces and spread them out on a flat surface (we used a cutting board, but a plastic tray works well too). Put this in the freezer and when they are frozen or near frozen (about 1 to 2 hours depending on your freezer), put them all in a bag a ziplock freezer bag. Always freeze fruits individually and then put them together so they don’t freeze into one big chunk. These come in handy for healthy smoothies and baking. You can even do this with fresh Bananas!

Tip: When Banana’s turn dark because they are super ripe, throw the whole Banana (peel and all) into the freezer. The darker the Banana, the sweeter it is! These are perfect for baking sugar-free or low-sugar desserts because the sweetness of the Banana compensates for the lack of refined sugar in the recipe. We like this method for our delicious low-fat Banana bread.

As for the strawberries, it is the same concept – except you can do this at any point! We buy them and freeze them right away in the summer time because they make excellent additions to refreshing smoothies! Try some frozen strawberries, vanilla yogurt and soy milk blended together for a creamy, nutritious and cooling drink.

1. Thoroughly wash the strawberries and soak for a few minutes in water with a little white vinegar
2. Cut off green stems and let dry flat on a dish cloth or paper towel
3. Arrange separately on a flat surface (we used a cutting board, but a tray works too)
4. Place in the freezer, let sit until they are frozen
5. Put in a freezer safe bag all summer long!

It’s pretty important to make sure they freeze separately! If you throw them in a freezer bag, they’ll freeze as one piece and good luck taking that apart!

Happy Preserving 🙂


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