{Home Made} French Press Coffee: How-to Make your own French Press Coffee

Who says you need to be an expert barista to enjoy a home made coffee?

It’s important to start off with a good bean, pick a brand you like. It’s equally as important to grind the beans fresh, like the minute before you put them in the press. I use a very basic coffee grinder (about $20) and it does a decent job in grinding my beans. For a full press I use 4-5 tablespoons of whole coffee beans depending on how strong I want the coffee.

Okay now add boiled water over the ground beans, and let steep for four minutes.

Slowly press the coffee, very slowly, don’t apply more pressure than the weight of your hand!

There you have it…French pressed coffee, made with freshly ground beans and piping hot to be sipped and enjoyed by all.

Now all that’s left to do is serve!


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