How to: Keep your Faux-Jewellery Looking Like New

Have your fingers ever turned green from your costume jewellery? I know mine have. What about the rhinestones falling out, and making a perfectly beautiful accessory look instantly old? Here’s our fix to these problems: Clear Nail Polish!

The minute I buy a new ring, the first thing I do is set it aside for it’s “treatment” and I do not wear it out unless it has been treated. I use a candle stick to hold the ring in place while I paint it with the polish, and then leave it on there to dry. Get creative, whatever can double as your fingers will work!

Whether it’s pearls or stones, and no matter how quality the item is, it will still tarnish over time and lose it’s pieces – that’s just life. I use this method to keep my jewellery looking new, and be warned, only use this for FAKE jewellery. Don’t go painting real gold with clear nail polish.

Make sure to cover all the parts that may tarnish or fall off, and let it dry overnight. This includes the inside of the ring that directly touches your fingers. With some ring styles, you will have to paint the front, let dry and then paint the ring part another time. The after look is exactly the same as before. Ensure when covering a ring with a BIG stone in the center that you paint a coat evenly over it and don’t leave streaks; you can do that by using a lot of polish. The stone will have a glossy coat after, so if you don’t want a glossy finish, I would skip on painting it.

Over time, the nail polish might peel off – in which case you just paint it again. I’ve only had this happen to one ring, and that’s one that I have had for 3 years and counting. I just re-painted it and kept wearing it 🙂 I don’t know why I didn’t think of doing this earlier – would have saved me some beautiful rings.

Tips for storing your jewellery:

Pack each in a separate mini-zip lock bag. This way nothing touches, and each item is kept looking like new as long as possible.


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