FREEBIE: Printable Ramadan Calendar!

We’re really excited for this freebie! It’s a download of the Ramadan Calendar, designed by us! Available for download is the finished version in .JPG which can be printed out and displayed beautifully in a frame, on the fridge, or on your bulletin board. There is also two Photoshop files for those who know their way around Photoshop,  in case you want to adjust the times and dates to your time zone. This calendar is prepared for Ottawa using times from the “Al Qibla” app on android.

We’ve designed it with fresh summer colors and bold Arabic style shapes [this is the kind of stuff you’ll find in the Etsy shop]. We hope this makes your days a little more organized and cheerful 🙂 If you have any questions you can post them below, ask in our contact page or through our Facebook page. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow on Twitter and follow the boards on Pinterest!





2 thoughts on “FREEBIE: Printable Ramadan Calendar!

  1. Salam, If i’m not mistaken there are some mistakes about the hours. The Maghreb in your calendar is supposed to be the Sunset (according to my Ramadan calendar), and the Maghreb is like 20 minutes after the Sunset. Thank you for all your efforts to make such a great blog, may Allah (swt) reward you!

    1. Hi there,

      Each calendar I looked at was different, so in the end I chose one that works for me and decided to offer the .PSD file. This way, it doesn’t matter what the times are, they can be adjusted by anyone to suit them. It takes time to do so, or else I would have made one for a few cities.

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