DIY: Party Poms/Tissue Paper Flower Balls {Party Decor}

How cute are these party poms? I’ve seen them all over the craft world, but never known how to make them. I thought I’d give it a go so that I could have some awesome decor for my upcoming dinner and they turned out awesome!

I experimented with different sizes, but I personally like the medium size best – it’s not too big (approx 12-13 inches), and it fluffs up really nice. You can use any type of string to hang the poms, a lot of crafters like to use clear cord so that it doesn’t show; I opted for the jute twine. I love it too much.

Here’s a step by step pictorial on how to make these poms that can spice up any party decor – guaranteed.

Materials to make 4 poms:

– 20 Sheets of Tissue Paper (20×26 inches or 50×66 cm)
– Natural Jute Twine
– Tape
– Scissors


1. You will need 10 sheets of tissue paper for each pom, so count out 10 and set aside the rest.

2. Lay flat your tissue paper, then fold in half and cut along the folded line. You will now have two stacks of 10 measuring 13×20″

3. Fold your sheet in an accordion style using the shortest side to make your folds. They should be about 1 inch in thickness. Continue until you have folded the entire stack.

4. Next cut your string to double your desired length, and fold in half. Then place the string around the middle of the accordion and make sure they are even.

5. Once you have the string placed where you like, secure it by tying a knot (loosely – do not tighten it around the paper) and then by taping each side for good measure.

6. Now you have to cut the edges in half circles so that your flower can have nice ruffles. You can cut the edge in a point as well. Do this on both sides.

7. You can now fan out your paper, and begin fluffing!

8. Do this by carefully pulling one sheet up at a time. You have to be very gentle at this point to avoid ripping the sheets. Try to pull it up as much as you can.

This is half way through

Here is the finished pom

Tie the end of the string so that the pom can be hung from anywhere, or taped to the ceiling. I did the double string so that I have the option of both.

Happy decorating! 🙂




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