How to put together Money Envelopes | Ramadan/Eid Decor – FREE Download

These free DIY printables are made to help bring up spirits in the holy month. This post is to show you how to put together the EID MUBARAK envelopes!

What you’ll need to put them together:
Printable templates
8.5×11″ paper (preferably cardstock)

1.Start off with the templates that you have printed

2. Cut off the borders around the design using your choice of cutting instrument. I used a cutter to ensure straight edges.

3. Cut around the two flaps with precision to keep the design intact. I used a rotary blade for this part

4. Flip the paper over, and draw lines to help guide your folds. If you don’t need to draw lines, then skip this step!

5. Fold the flaps starting with the bottom and then the sides. Add your glue/tape to the bottom flap after you are satisfied with your folds.

6. Jazz it up! I decided to use some gorgeous glitter tape to place over the back seal…because it’s so pretty!

There you have it 🙂

Get yours here:



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