Lebanese Inspired Dinner for Two: Valentine’s Day

Most Lebanese recipes are made to feed a full family, so we’ve tweaked some of our favourite recipes to create a dinner for two menu. Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and we think a romantic, candle-lit dinner for two beats dinner reservations any day.


Beet Hummus with mini (heart-shaped) pitas. Serve in small dishes, or a single shared app!

hummus for two, pink hummus, valentines dinner
beet hummus, heart shaped pita, valentines day recipe idea

Fattoush Salad:

A fresh, crisp salad- and we’ve added pomegranate for an added flavour and colour burst.

fattoush salad, lebanese salad, valentines day meal, fattoush with pomegranate


Samke Harra Salmon Filets – this is traditionally made in a family sized portion. You can pan-sear single filets and use the same dressing for an elegant and fool proof presentation. Follow instructions for ‘Pan Searing Salmon Filet’

samake harra - salmon filet - dinner for two
samake harra - salmon filet - dinner for two


End the meal with a namoura square, or stick to the theme by baking your namoura in a heart mould. We tried this out, so don’t worry about baking mishaps. While they’re really easy to make, Namoura Hearts will be sure to get you extra points for creativity – with very little added time/effort. That’s the best kind of recipe!


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