Sayadiye {الصيادية}

Want to cook a platter to impress? Working on increasing your fish intake? Want to whip up a quick and healthy family meal in no time? Sayadiye (Rice & Fish platter) is your answer! It has such minimal ingredients, yet turns out a pretty, healthy and delicious dish for the whole family to enjoy – Continue reading “Sayadiye {الصيادية}”


kibbe with yogurt {كبة باللبن}


If there ever was a comfort food that was perfectly balanced, healthy and delicious – would you want the recipe? Today we’re bringing you this kibbe with yogurt recipe that fits the bill! This dish is the perfect balance of tart and savoury that combines Continue reading “kibbe with yogurt {كبة باللبن}”

Lebanese Chicken broth {مرق الدجاج}



Chicken broth is an essential component to many Lebanese dishes.  Making it at home will result in a flavorful hearty broth full of vitamins and minerals and free of additives or excess salt.  Continue reading “Lebanese Chicken broth {مرق الدجاج}”

Lebanese Rice and Chicken { تطبيقة الأرز بالدجاج}


Chicken and rice is a family favorite. Every culture has some version of a chicken and rice dish, and here is the Lebanese one. We decided to publish this recipe in time for Ramadan when platters such as these are essential, especially when having larger gatherings! This recipe is simple, nutritious, delicious and looks quite impressive on any dinner or iftar spread…so it is sure to impress your guests! Continue reading “Lebanese Rice and Chicken { تطبيقة الأرز بالدجاج}”

Chicken Loaf


Although this recipe is not truly ‘Lebanese’ per se – it is a family recipe we have decided to share with you all!  Just like the name suggests, this is a chicken loaf (a play on meat loaf). It involves ground chicken, molded, stuffed and cooked…and my mouth waters every time I think about it. You won’t regret making this recipe Continue reading “Chicken Loaf”

Falafel {فلافل}


Falafel is a traditional Middle Eastern food that has grown to become a popular street and fast food all over the world. A quick online search of falafel will yield an array of recipes that range from mainly fava beans (ta’amiya) to mainly chickpeas as the top ingredient. The difference is primarily Continue reading “Falafel {فلافل}”

Chicken escalope { اسكالوب الدجاج}


If you ask any of us what recipe reminds us the most of our late maternal grand mother (Sitto) we would simultaneously say, “chicken escalope”.  It is often not until you Continue reading “Chicken escalope { اسكالوب الدجاج}”