Lubya bzeit{لوبياء بالزيت} Green bean stew


This Lebanese summer dish can be enjoyed year round and is an excellent vegan/ vegetarian dish the whole family will enjoy.  With just a few simple ingredients you have a dish on your hands that’s healthy and packed with flavor. Traditionally, lubya bzeit Continue reading “Lubya bzeit{لوبياء بالزيت} Green bean stew”


Mhamara {محمرة‎}

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Mhamara is a traditional Syrian roasted pepper and walnut spread. traditionally eaten as dip, spread or accompanying grilled meat or fish. We adopted this recipe Continue reading “Mhamara {محمرة‎}”

Hindbeh /Dandelion {الهندباء}

Hindbeh (dandelion) is a dish made with sauteed dandelion greens topped with caramelized onions.  This might not sound too appealing to westerners Continue reading “Hindbeh /Dandelion {الهندباء}”

Kamounit Banadoura {كمونة بندورة}


If you’re looking for the perfect vegetarian cold dish to add to your meal plans this Summer than look no further than Kamounet Banadoura. The main flavour Continue reading “Kamounit Banadoura {كمونة بندورة}”

Lebanese Spinach Pies { فطائر السبانخ}

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Lebanese spinach pies or fatayir bi sbenigh (sabanigh, sabanegh) as they are commonly referred to in the Middle East, are best described as mini dough pies stuffed with a savoury, tart stuffing. The dough is rolled out Continue reading “Lebanese Spinach Pies { فطائر السبانخ}”

Fried Kibbe { كبب مقلية}

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Kibbe, a Bulghur, spice and minced meat mix, is a middle eastern food loved across Lebanon. Traditionally the meat was minced with a mallet, a task reserved for the most experienced of house wives.  Today modern technology makes the preparation process a lot easier on the shoulder joints and simplifies an otherwise arduous task. Continue reading “Fried Kibbe { كبب مقلية}”

Baba ganoush or moutabal {متبل الباذنجان}


Eggplant was never a favorite ingredient growing up. In fact, it was not until my late 20’s did I start to truly appreciate all it’s complex flavour. Eggplant dip, Lebanese style, Continue reading “Baba ganoush or moutabal {متبل الباذنجان}”

Cheese Boats { فطائر الجبن}


In some Arabic dialects there is a word used for all the mini savory pies ..they are called fatayir. Today we introduce you to the the cheese fatayir. These green stuffed boats Continue reading “Cheese Boats { فطائر الجبن}”

Falafel {فلافل}


Falafel is a traditional Middle Eastern food that has grown to become a popular street and fast food all over the world. A quick online search of falafel will yield an array of recipes that range from mainly fava beans (ta’amiya) to mainly chickpeas as the top ingredient. The difference is primarily Continue reading “Falafel {فلافل}”