Maamoul with Kashta Ice Cream {معمول و بوظة بالقشطة}

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I few years back I stumbled upon a wonderfully simple recipe, by Gemma Stafford of Bigger Bolder Baking, for making ice cream without an ice cream machine. My boys and I had a lot of fun creating custom flavours Continue reading “Maamoul with Kashta Ice Cream {معمول و بوظة بالقشطة}”


Kaik with kashta or Smeedeh {كعك و قشطة}


This crumbly cream dessert is a play on the Maamoul Med with Kashta {معمول مد بالقشطة}This dessert, which is knowen in our home by the name smeedeh, is  near and dear to our mama and is entrenched in her childhood memories. As a little girl Continue reading “Kaik with kashta or Smeedeh {كعك و قشطة}”

Chocolate Tahini cake { كيك الشوكولاته و طحينة}


Who does’t love a decadent chocolate cake? How about a chocolate cake made with tahini and sprinkled with halewa (halva)and pistachios? This recipe may sound fancy Continue reading “Chocolate Tahini cake { كيك الشوكولاته و طحينة}”

Maamoul Med with Kashta {معمول مد بالقشطة}

Maamoul mad bi ashta - lebanese dessert recipe

The one dessert we always begged our dad to bring back with him when he visited Lebanon was Maamoul med B kashta. If you didn’t get your share Continue reading “Maamoul Med with Kashta {معمول مد بالقشطة}”

Lebanese Knefe- Cheese {كنافة}

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When we sit and brainstorm what specific recipes mean to us, they are often linked to a person or childhood memory. Well, with Mother’s Day just around the corner, we thought if we were to consider one recipe that made us think of our mother…a treat that she would drive across town for, it would be Knefe!

Continue reading “Lebanese Knefe- Cheese {كنافة}”

How to make fine knefe dough

Knefe (kunafa, kenafa, knafeh) is a Middle Eastern dessert that’s loved world wide. It is a layered dessert consisting of a pastry layer and a cheese or cream layer. You can think of knefe as a family of desserts that are interpreted a little differently depending on the region you visit. In Lebanon, Continue reading “How to make fine knefe dough”

Lebanese rice pudding {رز بالحليب }


Rice pudding has been a favorite pudding of mine ever since I had my first taste as a child. Rice pudding is an international pudding but differs from region to region. The Lebanese pudding Continue reading “Lebanese rice pudding {رز بالحليب }”

Arabesque Mini Lebanese Sfouf Cakes

Our all time favourite pattern is the Arabic zellige – when we saw this mould from With A Spin, we knew it would be a perfect pairing with a traditional Lebanese dessert.

Sfouf is a tumeric flavoured sweet cake, Continue reading “Arabesque Mini Lebanese Sfouf Cakes”

Namoora {نمورة}


 Recipe Updated!

Namoora cake is one of the easier, simpler, less time consuming Lebanese dessert recipes. This recipe combines a few simple ingredients to create a decadent melt in your mouth dessert you will crave long after it’s all gone. This egg-less cake is drowned with Atyr syrup warm from the oven. Continue reading “Namoora {نمورة}”