Chicken & Corn Soup {شوربة دجاج و ذرة}

lebanese chicken soup with corn

Chicken and corn soup was a staple soup in our home growing up, and one that is particularly popular in the cold winter months and those long days of fasting in Ramadan. This soup is high up there on our very long list of nostalgic foods that make us feel like we’re all back at home eating mom’s delicious cooking! Continue reading “Chicken & Corn Soup {شوربة دجاج و ذرة}”

Split Lentil Soup {شوربة عدس مجروش}



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Green Lentil Soup {شوربة عدس}


file1-2 (2)

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Serving: 10

This creamy green lentil soup (“shorba” in Arabic), made with a few simple ingredients, is easy to prepare and a powerhouse of nutrients. We love our lentil soups and are excited to share another tasty Lebanese recipe with you.  This recipe is so easy and flavorful that we can guaranteed you will impress and fall in love with this shorab!

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