Maamoul Med with Kashta {معمول مد بالقشطة}

Maamoul mad bi ashta - lebanese dessert recipe

The one dessert we always begged our dad to bring back with him when he visited Lebanon was Maamoul med B kashta. If you didn’t get your share Continue reading “Maamoul Med with Kashta {معمول مد بالقشطة}”


Fried Kibbe { كبب مقلية}

fried meat kabobs - kibbe - lebanese mezza - thetaboulibowl1

Kibbe, a Bulghur, spice and minced meat mix, is a middle eastern food loved across Lebanon. Traditionally the meat was minced with a mallet, a task reserved for the most experienced of house wives.  Today modern technology makes the preparation process a lot easier on the shoulder joints and simplifies an otherwise arduous task. Continue reading “Fried Kibbe { كبب مقلية}”

Lebanese Rice and Chicken { تطبيقة الأرز بالدجاج}


Chicken and rice is a family favorite. Every culture has some version of a chicken and rice dish, and here is the Lebanese one. We decided to publish this recipe in time for Ramadan when platters such as these are essential, especially when having larger gatherings! This recipe is simple, nutritious, delicious and looks quite impressive on any dinner or iftar spread…so it is sure to impress your guests! Continue reading “Lebanese Rice and Chicken { تطبيقة الأرز بالدجاج}”

Ramadan Challenge!

Announcing our Ramadan Challenge! 🍽 We love seeing what everyone is cooking up during Ramadan for Iftar and if you’re anything like us, you always snap a picture of your iftar spread! So why not enter our Ramadan Challenge? The challenge will run all month long.

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Why would you do all this?

The prize is an Instant Pot!

We will be giving away a Lux 6in1 Instant Pot to one lucky winner at the end of the month. This handy kitchen appliance can be used as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice maker and much much more!

Winner of the grand prize will be announced on Eid. Open to North Americans only due to shipping restrictions.

Lebanese Knefe- Cheese {كنافة}

1 knefe - lebanese kunafa dessert-lebanese recipes by the tabouli bowl

When we sit and brainstorm what specific recipes mean to us, they are often linked to a person or childhood memory. Well, with Mother’s Day just around the corner, we thought if we were to consider one recipe that made us think of our mother…a treat that she would drive across town for, it would be Knefe!

Continue reading “Lebanese Knefe- Cheese {كنافة}”

How to make fine knefe dough

Knefe (kunafa, kenafa, knafeh) is a Middle Eastern dessert that’s loved world wide. It is a layered dessert consisting of a pastry layer and a cheese or cream layer. You can think of knefe as a family of desserts that are interpreted a little differently depending on the region you visit. In Lebanon, Continue reading “How to make fine knefe dough”

Baba ganoush or moutabal {متبل الباذنجان}


Eggplant was never a favorite ingredient growing up. In fact, it was not until my late 20’s did I start to truly appreciate all it’s complex flavour. Eggplant dip, Lebanese style, Continue reading “Baba ganoush or moutabal {متبل الباذنجان}”

Cheese Boats { فطائر الجبن}


In some Arabic dialects there is a word used for all the mini savory pies ..they are called fatayir. Today we introduce you to the the cheese fatayir. These green stuffed boats Continue reading “Cheese Boats { فطائر الجبن}”

Ramadan Giveaway

You asked we listened – Introducing our Ramadan giveaway! ✨ This mini starter kit will get you well on your way to becoming a professional in the kitchen. We pieced together some specialty items used in a typical Lebanese 🇱🇧 kitchen along with a $25 Amazon gift card to add more goodies of your choosing! We have partnered together with @amandasplate to bring a little Lebanon into your home ❤. The kit includes homemade organic straight from the village zaatar spice, dried mint, Sumac, blossom water, rose water and olive oil. As well as a falafel mold, maamoul mold, zucchini corer, measuring spoons and a $25 Amazon gift card!

To enter:
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3. Comment a recipe you would like to see on our blogs for a bonus entry!

Last day to enter is Sunday, May 6th. Due to shipping restrictions this giveaway is only open to North America.