How to put together Money Envelopes | Ramadan/Eid Decor – FREE Download

These free DIY printables are made to help bring up spirits in the holy month. This post is to show you how to put together the EID MUBARAK envelopes!

What you’ll need to put them together:
Printable templates
8.5×11″ paper (preferably cardstock)

1.Start off with the templates that you have printed

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Happy Canada Day!

Today Canada turns 146 years old! Our confederation took place in 1867 when the leaders of the nation met in Charlotte Town PEI and signed the provinces into one united country. Today Canada has flourished because while we have many different cultures, we are a colorful stir fry! Each culture exists in harmony with the rest, but we all come together on the basis of being Canadian. In our opinion, being Canadian means being accepting, loving and generous.

Happy Canada Day 2013 everyone! Bonne Fête du Canada!!