Terms of Use

This page explains what you can and cannot do with the resources found on The Tabouli Bowl.

Unless otherwise stated, all images and resources are Copyright ©The Tabouli Bowl. The following terms apply to all resources within this blog. Resources are defined as any posts in part or in whole, photographs, downloadable links, and graphics.

Unless otherwise stated, you may use the resources in your personal projects. However, there are limitations to what you may or may not do.

You May:

  • Use the resources to decorate your blogs and websites (for personal or business), but please remember to link back to this blog.
  • Use the resources to create a tangible product, please remember to link back to this blog.
  • Refer to posts made by The Tabouli Bowl on your own site with full credit linked back to this blog.

You May Not:

  • You MAY NOT incorporate ANY of the resources to be digitally downloaded on your blogs or websites, whether free or for sale.
  • You MAY NOT copy any blog page to display on your website, at most 50 words can be used with quotations with a link back to this blog.
  • You MAY NOT use the resources for any harmful, hateful, pornographic, or racist material.

Please understand everything posted to this blog is a result of a group of dedicated individuals. We are looking to create a useful resource and database platform on which to share our ideas, stories and original content.

DISCLAIMER: All information posted in this site is a result of personal opinion, educational know-how or the personal experiences of the blog authors. Data on this site is provided for informational purposes, is not tailored to the needs of anyone’s specific situation and is not meant to serve as anything more than a guideline.


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